"A joyous life-affirming ride, reminiscent of Joss Whedon's Dr Horribles sing-along-blog"


"a high-octain and hilarious hour of action packed theatre"

Camden People's Theatre

"a creative, comical and clever look at pop-culture, consistantly funny and very imaginative"

The Gryphon

Devised by Georgia Murphy, Chloe Courtney, Rimika Solloway and Louise Dickinson
Directed by Georgia Murphy

"reporters always ask me - so why do you write such strong female characters?

....because you're still asking me that question." (Joss Whedon) 

SUPERFUNADVENTURETIMES was inspired by our deep love of the fantasy genre and a growing frustration with the lack of female role models within this. It's a story about friendship and the different roles we play in life - the sidekick, the hero, the mentor, the baddy and how these are constantly changing. It also features excellent dancing, epic battle scenes, and an acapella sound track.  We were awarded the Farnham Malting's No Strings Attached grant and developed the show through Camden People's Theatre's SPRINT and Calm Down Dear Festivals. 

Creative Team

Director/Deviser- Georgia Murphy

Producer/Deviser - Chloe Courtney

Deviser - Lousie Dickinson

Deviser - Rimi Solloway