Written by Nathan Wood

Directed by Georgia Murphy

Part confessional, part live at the Apollo. A wonderful study of disappointment and failure" 
Views from the Gods

"You were standing sultry in the rain 
If I could've held you 
I would've held you 
Rip it up and start again"

Lyrics by Orange Juice


Ham is a solo performance of Noah’s Ark performed by Noah’s one disobedient son – who’s technically your distant uncle. Now that he’s got an audience, Ham wants to explain the choices he made, and why he stood aside and watched as his world got washed away. A darkly comic tale of loss and forgiveness featuring party rings, disco balls and Orange Juice.

Creative Team

Director - Georgia Murphy

Assistant Director - Louise Dickison

Producer - Chloe Courtney

Design - Olivia Knight


Ham - Jamie Askill